Windows 3.11 (english)

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    MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 - t

    Windows 3.1x Software

    Windows 3.1 3.11 WFWG Resources Downloads

    The archive additionally contains the Quicktime Internet-Plugin v. 1.1 1.81MB RP16_401.EXE Real Player 4.01 Win 3.1x 1.16MB RP16_50.EXE Real Player 5.0 Win 3.1x (stereo sound and video!) 1.16MB SPELLCHECK SpellCheck for Edit Boxes v3.02e Universal SpellChecker 141KB SPELLWRI. EXE Toolbar for Windows Write, SpellChecker Word Count. 604KB TTERMV TeraTerm v1.4 - Terminal Emulation (free) 614KB W16-312B.EXE Pegasus Mail 16-bit v3.12b (All Windows Versions) (free) 3.04MB Windows 3.1x HTTPD (web) Server 650KB WINLOGO. EXE Simple way to change Windows Startup Splash Screen (Includes Windows 3.11 Logo) 260KB WS_FTP. zip.

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